Oceania Marine Group Appoints Tahiti Representative

French Polynesia is an important gateway for Superyachts entering the South Pacific. Recognising the importance of this Oceania Marine has appointed Mike Raoult of Pacific Yacht Maintenance as their yacht representative based in Tahiti.

Mike is an experienced professional yachtsman and has an extensive background in yacht management and maintenance. Oceania is pleased to have him onboard as part of the team. Mike will be able to assist and support yachts arriving in French Polynesia in particular as follows:

  • Informing yachts of the services and facilities available from Oceania Marine at their shipyards located in Port Whangarei New Zealand
  • Arranging forward bookings for haulout at the shipyards
  • Gathering information from vessels to facilitate pricing and scheduling of vessel maintenance or refit
  • Arranging yacht support and agency service for entry into New Zealand through Oceania Yacht Agency

Yachts clearing in at the port of Papeete on the island of Tahiti are invited to contact Mike for any information or assistance regarding entry to New Zealand and the services that Oceania can provide.

Mike Raoult:

  • Phone/WhatsApp: +6898311124
  • Email: mikyfwi@gmail.com
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