Our Team

Welcome to Oceania - let our experienced team assist you to enjoy your stay.

Oceania Yacht Agency is part of the Oceania Marine Group group of companies. As well as having direct call on all the resources of one of New Zealand’s largest marine providers, the agency is staffed by experienced and dedicated personnel. The main members of the agency team are:

  • Jim Loynes

    Jim Loynes

    Agency Manager

    Jim, a former experienced superyacht captain and senior manager at Oceania Marine, oversees agency operations. He ensures that staff are supported and fully resourced so as to be able to provide an exemplary service to clients. He also coordinates booking/contract arrangements and initial specification for refit or haulout.

  • Virginia Craig

    Virginia Craig

    Yacht Support Agent

    Virginia has many years of industry experience as superyacht crew as well as working as a yacht agent. In more recent times she operated her own agency business in the Pacific and has moved back to New Zealand to take up her position in the Oceania Yacht Agency where she delivers professional and efficient support to her superyacht clients

  • Frank Moor

    Frank Moor

    Agency Procurement Officer

    If you need parts or a service Frank is your man. His reputation is legendary, having supported superyachts for warranty and maintenance worldwide.

  • Karen Donaldson

    Agency Accounts Administrator

    An experienced accounts administrator, Karen provides an accurate and efficient finance service to clients

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