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Welcome to Oceania - let our experienced team assist you to enjoy your stay.

Oceania Yacht Agency is part of the Oceania Marine Group group of companies. As well as having direct call on all the resources of one of New Zealand’s largest marine providers, the agency is staffed by experienced and dedicated personnel. The main members of the agency team are:

  • Virginia Craig

    Virginia Craig

    Yacht Support Agent

    Virginia has many years of industry experience as superyacht crew as well as working as a yacht agent. In more recent times she operated her own agency business in the Pacific and has moved back to New Zealand to take up her position in the Oceania Yacht Agency where she delivers professional and efficient support to her superyacht clients

  • Alistair McRae

    Alistair McRae

    Yacht Support Agent

    Alistair is an experienced and well known sailing professional having logged many many miles across most of the world’s oceans. He has an intimate knowledge of the marine industry and its services. If you need shore support Alistair is your man.

  • Karen Donaldson

    Agency Accounts Administrator

    An experienced accounts administrator, Karen provides an accurate and efficient finance service to clients

  • Jamie Dillon

    Jamie Dillon

    Purchasing & Provisioning

    Jamie is our enthusiastic and very active purchasing officer who is experienced in sourcing and supplying every need a Yacht may have from simple housekeeping needs right through to a major refit

  • Mike Raoult

    Mike Raoult

    Tahiti Yacht Representative

    Mike is an experienced Ocean Sailor who is based in Tahiti and tasked with meeting yachts on behalf of Oceania as they arrive in French Polynesia. He will assist yachts who intend to make passage to New Zealand with information on how we can support them be it just a visit or for a full refit. To contact direct:

    Email: mikyfwi@gmail.com

    Phone/WhatsApp: +68987311124

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